Discussion Questions for The Fourth Rule


What is the significance of the title? How is it relevant to the revelation in the last scene?


Was the revelation in the last scene a complete surprise or did you suspect it? What clues point to it?


When is King Charles I referred to in the story?


What is really going on when we see Matthew talking with his dead brother? Did those conversations strike you as peculiar?


Which characters’ names describe or make reference to traits that define the person’s role or personality?


What scenes or descriptions did you find most poetic? Most tense?


Why did Sally (Mrs. Highcroft) have to witness Caroline’s kidnapping, not Matthew?


What do you think about the use of flashbacks and diary entries in the book? What purposes did they serve? Were they disruptive to the flow of the current story?


Did the protagonist change over the course of the story? If so, how? Who else changed? Who didn’t?


What is the theme(s) of the book, if any?