In the spring of 2004, a fleet of eighteen privately-owned power boats crossed the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in history. Doug Seaver was captain of one of those boats, a 50-foot Nordhavn trawler, Four Across. This book tells his story of that historic voyage.


The adventure begins when he sees the announcement of the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally (NAR). The story, written in the form of a personal diary, begins with chronicling the tales of recruiting the original crew, scrambling to qualify for the rally, crisscrossing the country to find the perfect boat, traveling down the East Coast in January on the crews’ maiden voyage, and working for months in Fort Lauderdale to prepare for the trip. Finally, on May 16, 2004, the crew casts off on the voyage of a lifetime.


This is a story in the finest tradition of voyaging at sea. It conveys the mystique and wonder of an ocean crossing, the risk and anxiety of facing the unknown and the unexpected. It tells of the trill of exploring far-off ports-of-call as other seaman have done for centuries. It shares the fun and excitement of life on the water and the fellowship of the fleet that embarked together.


This is a tale of a modern adventure for anyone who ever dreamed of “going to sea”.

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  “This book is fun to read … The author’s language is clear and plain and never sought to over whelm. I, for one, salute Mr. Seaver for his outstanding courage and fortitude, for his wise decisions in threatening moments and for sharing this once-in-a-lifetime adventure without reservation. I enjoyed the account immensely and would recommend it for reading by entire families, yes, even landlubberly ones that might be persuaded to get a little wet.” - George Nammack, Boating World Book Review
“Seaver’s log entries are honest, descriptive and accessible, even for readers who know little about boats and life on the water. He carefully walks his readers through … his petition to participate (in the Rally); his search for the best Nordhavn; his … purchase of the right boat …; his training and practice; and the long trip across the Atlantic.” - Evan Norris, staff writer, ShoreView
Four Across The Atlantic is a captivating collection of journal entries and e-mails written by Doug Seaver of the Nordhavn 50 Four Across while preparing for and taking part in (the) Nordhavn Atlantic Rally 2004. … All in all, Four Across the Atlantic has the ingredients of a classic sea story.” - Best Guides: Resources for cross the Atlantic, Circumnavigator 2008-2009