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5 Star Review

April 24, 2015

If you’re looking for a story with a lot of suspense  – and one that deals with the CIA  – The Fourth Rule by Douglass Seaver is a great novel to check out. The book is a definite page-turner, with exciting action and complex, well-developed characters. The story progresses at a nice pace, and the dialogue is engaging and believable. I thought it was really interesting how Seaver wrote the book in present tense; it added to the thrilling nature of the novel. You can tell this book is very well-written. I really enjoyed Seaver’s writing style and hope to read more of his work.


April 18, 2015 from Oak Tree Reviews

Palm Beach Peril

April 19, 2015

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Palm Beach Peril was great—over 300 people. Standing room only!

Lisa Scittoline, the New York Times bestselling author of 24 books, and five debut novelists selected by the International Thriller Writers talked about their books and writing at the latest Writers Live event  held at the Hagen Ranch Road Branch of the Delray Beach Library.  Lisa was funny and high energy, Oline Cogdill, the moderator, was thoughtful and articulate, and Stacy Alesi of the Delray Beach Library ran a smooth, hassle free event. I thank them one and all for the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious and vibrant event.